What is your job?

What is your job?

What is your job?

"I tried out the HD iPad version of the app and the graphics were superb."

"The illustrations made everything clear though and I think it’s terrific that my children can learn what a cobbler or fishmonger is. What Is My Job? is easy for children to navigate."

- The iPhone Mum

"What is My Job is a well constructed flash card and expedite app for jobs and related works. Very well drawn illustrations, clear narration. See the profession and it’s main work right next to it. A matching cards game helps fixing and memorizing the co-relation between jobs and works.
A must have for toddler’s parents."

- Apps4Kids

"What is my job" is a great kids game specially designed for your kids. With the lovely Patrick n Friends characters and sounds, your kid will enjoy learning different kinds of job through the interactive matching cards game and flash cards.

"What is my job" will entertain your kids and at the same time improve their abilities to concentrate, differentiate and memorize, it is a great way to start developing your kid's cognitive skills at an early age.

  • Features:
  • Lovely characters and wonderful sound effects.
  • Get to know different kind of jobs and related works.
  • Easy navigation of flash cards game with sound.
  • Fun and addictive matching cards game.
  • Email: apps@kskids.com

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