Farm Animals : Story and Games

"Farm Animals has simple interactions and animations which makes it just right for toddlers."

"It’s an effective way for them to learn the animal names and sounds. The puzzles show animals from the story and they are made of chunky pieces for little fingers."

"I thought Farm Animals was a well done and cute app."

- The iPhone Mum

"Beautifully illustrated and narrated, this app is well worth the reasonable price tag."

"A delightful app about farm animals that has the perfect amount of activities for the toddler and pre-school age range."

- Best Apps for Kids

"Farm Animals : Story and Games is a simple, cute, and nicely done app which teaches about farm animals and includes some lovely puzzles and an animal sounds game as well."

"I have a lot of fun with all the elements of this book, as does my son."

- Giggleapps


Welcome to Farm Animals, an interactive, animated reading experience for kids. This is a story about the lives of farm animals - cow, horse, pig, rooster, sheep... The kids can learn the sounds they make and even their hobbies!

Choose to hear the story read aloud. Interactive animations and sound effects keep young readers excited every time. Includes fun and educational puzzles and sound games, created especially for little hands.

  • Features:
  • Lovely illustration, delightful narration and wonderful sound effects.
  • Interactive operation throughout the story.
  • Animal puzzles and sounds game.
  • Introduction of cloth book edition.
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